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The online interactive education platform with full accountability & transparency.

Encourage our students to learn, collaborate and communicate effectively.

The use of vertically integrated EduWave-Edu24 solution will lead to the globalization of education.

Supports governments to streamline the education system while cutting costs and creating
job opportunities.

Aobut us

  • Credivility  →  Integrity  →  Experience

    US Company with 25 years of IT ecperience. ITG Presence in 20 countries.

    Matured Education platform.
    3 countrywide deployments .
    15 million users and 45,000
    institutions. Billions of

    Eduindia team has 100 years of combined experience of planning and execution. Founders, & partners have global business expertise for country-wide digital education deployment.

  • Credivility  →  Integrity  →  Experience

    Eduindia24 holds exclusive partnership with ITG America for India.

    Comprehensive cloud based education platform with GRP, DMS, ERP, EMIS, SIS, LMS, CC, CMS, IMS & Content Authoring & Delivery tools.

    ITG operating in 20 countries. 3 countrywide deployments.

    Leaders in electronic data interchange (EDI) technologies & solutions in the European market since 1991. Specialized in ERP solutions since 1995

    1st to develop a comprehensive Govt. Resource Planning (GRP) Solution.

    ITG -EduWave offices in Silicon Valley (USA), Jordan, Saudi & Baharin.

    ITG America & Eduindia24 team has experience in global design, and deployment of digital education platform.


Eduindia 24 Solution – Complete Digitization

Uniform digitized curriculum * Uniform teacher training * Multi lingual *24X7 eLearning & testing * Transparency & Accountability * K12 & Higher-Ed

Provides access to the right content from any place, at any time

Assessment, evaluation and tracking tools, Professional Development & coaching tools

Content Authoring & Delivery (BookZero™ & Rich Media). Access to Third party digital contents (Khan Academy & global schools)

Communication & Collaboration Tools. Supports full interaction between users (building a collaborative learning community)

Reporting/Decision Support Tools

Platform independent (.NET & JAVA)

Available in two editions (K-12) & (Higher-Ed)


Why EduWave Platform?

Most comprehensive e-learning & educational management platform available in the World.

  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Student Information System (SIS)
  • Document Management System (DMS)
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Instructional Management System (IMS)
  • Government Resource planning (GRP & ERP)
  • Communication: For all stakeholders in the learning community
  • Standards: Based on international industry standards (SCORM, SIF). Based on Learning Standards and Learning Objects.
  • Flexible & Scalable: (Ministries of Education; country-wide deployment; state-wide departments of education, large scale universities at peak hours, etc.)
  • Experience: The only educational platform (worldwide) serving 3 Countrywide Deployments: MOE Jordan (2.2 M users), MOE Bahrain (0.25 M users), MOE KSA (over 12 M users)


  • Inder Sharma

    Serial Entrepreneur, Environmentalist & Philanthropist
    IBOS Founder and President, Inder Sharma has founded and built more than 15 companies including Hotel.com, which he sold to Expedia in 2001, Medibuy, and Zygor Energy. Today, Inder Sharma is a sought-after problem-solver, an innovator, entrepreneurial teacher, international business consultant, and an avid environmentalist and philanthropist.

    At present his company is working on environment friendly technologies. One of his incubated company has developed an intelligent spark plug technology that is found to reduce emissions and increase fuel efficiency in CNG and petrol vehicles. Also, a specially designed intake valve for gasoline and diesel vehicles is being designed which will reduce some emissions and is in final testing stage.

    One of another startups, ZYGOR Energy is in the early stage to test an electric SR motor that would cold charge the batteries while driving an EV. This technology could provide the ultimate solution to distance in EVs. One of the latest innovation is in cold charging of Acid lead batteries within 30-40 minutes. This will help tremendously the e-mobility initiatives globally especially India and Asia. He is working closely with NITI Aayog, Government of India on these technologies to benefit his mother country, India.

    He has been fortunate to be part of two divine healing projects in India by Sri Sathya Sai Baba: Sai Super specialty Hospital in White field, Bengaluru and Sai Sanjeevani FREE Heart care Hospital for kids in Palwal (Haryana), his home town.

    When Inder isn’t incubating a new business, he enjoys golfing, yoga, and abstract painting. He is the proud father of two children and resides in Los Angeles, CA with his wife.
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